Swimming Pool Design

Backyard Landscape Rescued

We answered the call for help. When we arrived on the scene, the original swimming pool in this family’s back yard had failed. It moved. And to make matters worse, the concrete pool deck cracked and heaved – a lot.

This was not a salvage operation. A complete re-design would be necessary. Understandably, because of the last experience with another company, the homeowners were hesitant.


The new design called for perpendicular placement of the swimming pool. It now lines up with the living room picture window and is the focal point of the landscape. A modular block fireplace and living room furniture anchor one corner of the outdoor space. Pavers surround the pool, carry over to the patio under the new deck, then continue up the walkway toward the front of the home.

Finishing Touches

Shrubs, perennials, and evergreens planted along the outer edge of the pool area will eventually fill in enough to provide a bit more privacy. Colors for the landscape materials and new deck match the home’s exterior. Not seen but significant: Just beyond the fireplace and sunning area in the far corner is a 5’ drop. A boulder wall was installed to level an area for all of these outdoor spaces.