Swimming Pool and Outdoor Kitchen

Big Impact - Small Space

Transplants from the Washington D.C. area, this family settled in Excelsior. As they started looking for a new house, Mrs. Homeowner had only one request, “When you look at houses, make sure it has either a pool or room to build one.”

As it happens, Mr. Homeowner chose a home with unique site conditions and hardcover issues. There were also challenges with side yard setbacks and other problems surrounding the new deck /outdoor kitchen. But by the time the design/installation was complete, they had everything on their wish list.

Unique backyard swimming pool design

The Homeowners Wanted:

  • A swimming pool
  • A patio, deck, fireplace, and outdoor oven next to the pool
  • Privacy screening - especially from new home being built next door
  • New deck
  • Outdoor Kitchen on the deck includes a Raised Bar, Grill, Countertop Cooler, and storage
  • Outdoor lighting

Design Details:

  • Irregular-Shaped Pool was necessary because of the small space.
  • The deck is the main gathering area. The Deck was designed to match the shape of the pool. (Kids and adults take flying leaps from the deck into the pool.)
  • The design focus was on the kids. But there is a seating area at one end of the pool for Mom & Dad.
  • The Kitchen, Fireplace, Outdoor Oven, and Seat Wall all are designed with the same stone that was installed on the home.
  • Large, evergreen plant material (14’ Arborvitae) provides instant cover and privacy.
  • The final position of the fireplace was also determined by the City’s setback rules.
  • The outdoor wood-fired oven was a big success! Homeowners are now experts at cooking pizzas, breads and other items. This makes them very popular in the neighborhood.