Landscape Design for a Steep Back Yard in Golden Valley, MN

Walk-out to Where?

A Steep Challenge

This Golden Valley, MM home is a walk-out, but after looking at the back yard you have to wonder “a walk-out to where?” Step out the sliding glass door onto a small concrete walk/patio under the deck, walk a few feet across grass and you are standing at the edge of a ravine. With a large screen TV and family room just inside, it makes sense to extend the entertainment space to the outside – but where?

Limited space can be a challenge for a number of reasons. In this case, all materials had to be hand-carried to/from the back yard because access was steep and narrow.

Our dedicated crew hauled debris away by hand in Golden Valley, MN

Concrete removal and patio basing with the debris hauled out would have been easier with a machine but our crews met the challenge and won.

Backyard landscape and patio design in Golden Valley, MN


The new back yard looks bigger with more space for entertaining. The wall provides extra seating for larger parties.

Stone patio and fireplace in Golden Valley, MN backyard landscape

Plant beds with grasses, shrubs, perennials, and annuals not only provide a more intimate outdoor living space but mark the edge of the ravine. A small space with a great view.