Swimming Pool Landscaping in Minneapolis

Paradise Found

What Lake?

This family had no yard – at least not one you could see. Plagued by invasive undergrowth and a steep slope this back yard was more primeval forest than suburban fun. Even the existing deck was rendered unusable. Despite their overgrown back yard, these homeowners had plenty of ideas for how to make their own outdoor living space.

Minnesota Dreamin’

Even though they couldn't see the lake, these homeowners had a grand vision for their new back yard.

  • Cabana and upper deck
  • Swimming pool
  • Fire pit
  • Water Features – two of them
  • Lighting
suburban backyard bluestone patio design

Serene bluestone patio in an idyllic wooded setting

First Things First

  • Clear the trees and invasive undergrowth to find the yard
  • Work with city planners/engineers on hardcover issues and setbacks
  • Deal with a slope, dropping 6’ over a short distance
Strong boulder retaining wall and bubbling waterfall

Peaceful poolside seating in front of a strong boulder retaining wall and bubbling waterfall

Challenges Met

  • Two boulders walls were necessary. One upslope and another farther down toward the lake to create a level space for an 18’ x 36’ swimming pool and other landscape features.
  • The upper boulder wall includes a pondless waterfall and 15’ stream.
  • A basalt column bubbler sits next to the fire pit.
  • Gas fire pit was positioned to offer the best views of the lake and stunning sunsets.
Transformed back yard with a level patio and serene swimming pool

Finally, a back yard to enjoy!

Design Details

  • Pool deck and patio are Full-color New York Bluestone.
  • Fire pit stone is a mix of Chilton & Fond Du Lac limestones (matching an interior fireplace).
  • The relaxing sounds of water from the stone bubbler and stream/waterfall mask the drone of nearby freeways.
  • Replaced the cleared trees with new ones craned over the house.
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