Minnesota Outdoor Living Spaces

Reconnecting with the Outdoors

This suburban back yard was uncomfortable and wasn't used very much - even though both Mr. and Mrs. Homeowner loved to be outside. There was a disconnect in the outdoor living spaces. Each area didn't offer enough space to entertain friends and neighbors. A nearby ash tree was leaning toward the house and had to be slated for removal. The post/beam structure on the deck was undersized and insufficient.

Diconnect between the patio and the deck


Yard Access from the Garage Blocked


Ash Tree had to be removed

Access to the garage from the yard was practically non-existent. Taking the garbage to the end of the driveway on garbage day meant navigating the yews.

The designer re-imagined their space with a design including a larger paver patio, a fire feature, and a pergola. Note the small garden retaining wall leveled out the grade to allow enough space for a patio without expanding toward the property line garden beds. A beefier pergola was added to the deck, making that living space more intimate.

Originally, the homeowners were thinking a fire pit in the back part of the yard would be just the ticket. But for the two of them and the visiting next door neighbors, the fire table just made more sense. They were looking to reconnect with the outdoors and what better way to do it. So, a dining area, the fire table area, and the deck.....all spaces connected. Friends can sit on the deck and still be part of the conversation around the fire table.

One additional note: The uplighted fence sections? Mr. Homeowner made those - himself - from a pattern he got on a big box home improvement website. Well done, don't you think?

Hardscapes: Patio pavers - Anchor Kingston, Northwoods; Modular Block Retaining Wall - Anchor Diamond, Desert Tan

Looking for just a little more space for outdoor living? We can help. Give us a call. The outdoors is a great place to be when you share it with friends and family!