Minneapolis Back Yard Design

Urban Zen Retreat

October 2014 - These Minneapolis homeowners were looking for landscape ideas on Houzz.com and came across Southview Design. Solving a drainage issue in this Minneapolis back yard led to a design for a zen-like meditation/entertaining space. The backyard was little more than hard-packed dirt and weeds...and would occasionally flood. Not much could grow. The designer was up for the challenge...and was it ever a challenge!

A Not-so-Peaceful Back Yard

The wish list included patio space, a space for container gardens, irrigation, new shrubs and perennials, and a little fresh sod.

Once the design of the paver patio (Borgert Cobble) was decided, it was time to put it in the ground.

Outlining the Patio

Painting the outline of the patio on the ground gives a sense of what it is going to look like...and gives you a chance to change your mind. Is it too small? Too big? Right shape?

Proper basing

Proper basing means little, if any, heaving of the pavers during the winter months.

And we have a patio...

And we have a patio! What was the challenge? There was no access to the back yard! All of the deconstruction materials (weeds, branches, and bad soil) were carried out and then every paver, plant, and yards of Class 5 and sand were carried in! Fortunately, this back yard is only 25' x 40'. Back-breaking work but our crew were troopers and finished the job in 8 business days.

If you don't know what to do with your yard, we can help! Even if you don't need a zen space, we will give you an outdoor living space to fit your lifestyle.