Southview Design Offers Tips to Keep Cool Without A Pool

Southview Design Offers Tips to Keep Cool Without A Pool

Southview Design Offers Tips to Keep Cool Without A Pool :

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Even if you don't have a Backyard pool, there are many easy ways to create a shady haven in your yard.

Minneapolis, MN, Aug. 19, 2014 – Minnesota homeowners who don’t have a backyard pool can still keep cool during the dog days of summer, according to Southview Design landscape design experts.

“The trick is to create a shady haven in your backyard,” said Karen Filloon, a landscape designer with Southview Design. Filloon said homeowners can shade parts of their yard with outdoor structures such as pergolas, and “sails” or marine cloth can easily be added in between the beams. A patio can also be added in the shade underneath a second story deck.

Awnings and sails can even be motorized so you need only push a button to create shade. Awnings provide shade both in and outside the home and can lower the temperature by 10 degrees or more, helping homeowners save on energy bills.

Another cool product to consider is a patio misting system or fan that hooks onto the hose and sprays a light mist over the patio area. Ceiling fans are perfect for adding a light breeze as well as keeping the bugs away, Filloon said. Park a cooler nearby for a nice cool refreshment without the expense of an outdoor kitchen.

Trees offer a natural shade solution, and late summer or early fall is the perfect time to plant them, Filloon said. Fast growing trees that do well in Minnesota’s zone four include river birches, northern red oaks, red maples and tulip trees, so called for their large flowers that resemble tulips. 

Eastern white pines and arborvitae also offer shade when the sun is lower in the sky while providing an excellent barrier from the road or neighbors. These fast-growing evergreens typically mature in just a few years, so homeowners just need a small dose of patience, Filloon said. 

Southview Design has posted several photos showing different backyard designs that offer cool shade from the summer heat. For additional photos and landscaping ideas to stay cool during the dog days of summer, visit

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