Southview Design Creates Showcase Displaying What Can be Done with the Space Under the Deck

Southview Design Creates Showcase Displaying What Can be Done with the Space Under the Deck

APRIL 26, 2016

The space under the deck possibly qualifies as the most overlooked space in your home or yard. Most homeowners think it’s only good for storing yard and garden tools, children’s toys or patio furniture during the winter.

But Southview Design has created a showcase that displays what can be done with the space under the deck when there’s enough headroom. From luxurious outdoor living rooms to charming play areas to a home for a hot tub, Southview Design designers have turned areas under the deck into some of the most loved and lived-in areas.

The first step, advises Southview Designer Karen Filloon, is to determine the function you want this space to fulfill. Keep in mind that the space under the deck offers two clear advantages: it’s both cool and dry, making it the perfect place to hang out when it’s either too hot or rainy to be on the deck above.

One of the most popular ways to use this space is to create an outdoor living room by adding a ceiling to keep the area dry. Next, add a ceiling fan or even a chandelier, lay down an outdoor rug and decorate with comfortable living room furniture, side tables and lamps. Recessed or can lighting gives the space a warm, cozy feeling. Hang some outdoor art on the wall and don’t forget the TV and audio system. You can even add a gas fireplace and a bar to hang out on chillier days.

If fresco dining is more your style, you can add a dining area, with or without a kitchen. Consider appliances you can keep outside year-round. Forget about those folding chaise lounge or chairs. Outdoor furniture comes in a variety of styles, colors and materials from wrought iron to wicker. Go crazy with colors and add outdoor drapery for a dash of color and a bit of privacy.

The space under the deck is also the perfect place for a hot tub. And how about the kids? It can also function as an outside play area that’s an extension of the family room on the lower level.

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