MN Landscaping Case Study

"Southview allows me to sell and build more projects."

"Amalia G is a full-service interior design and general contracting firm. We look for partners with good organization and staff we can rely on. In this case, we needed a landscape contractor that would understand our interior and exterior design needs. We provided the general concepts. Southview’s design and construction team brought ideas and technical expertise to the table.

"The homeowner’s biggest concern was hiring a company that would get it right at a fair and reasonable price. They purchased the home for the yard and pool but had to tear everything out because of poor installation. Southview had experience working on complex landscaping projects, so they were able to make sure the project was built to last, and also manage budget and scheduling concerns.

"Having people with knowledge and follow-through is important to me. Southview drew up the CAD plans, priced all the components, sourced the materials and subcontractors, and guided the project down the right path. They were able to manage the landscape installation and handle working with my client, so I didn’t have to worry.

"Working with a good, well-organized partner like Southview allows me to sell and build more projects. They were valuable as a contractor – helping us implement the vision we shared with the client."

TODD GOLDWASSER, Amalia G Interior Design