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Minnesota Net Zero Home Relies on Geothermal

Minnesota Net Zero Home Relies on Geothermal for Comfortable Living (video)

June 16, 2017 Proud Green Home
Photographs by Corey Gaffer

A Minnesota net-zero energy home uses a geothermal heat pump for heating and cooling as well as hot water.

Homeowners Mark and Kate Hanson wanted a comfortable, energy-efficient house that produced more energy that is uses, and also produced enough to charge their Tesla electric cars.

Architect Marc Sloot of Sala Architects designed the home to achieve net zero energy as well as a number of green home certifications, including GreenStar, LEED for Homes, Minnesota Green Path and Living Building Challenge Net Zero Energy Building.

Because the goals for the house focused on reducing electrical usage, the Hansons call the project "Ohm Sweet Ohm." You can follow their net zero journey on the Ohm Sweet Ohm Facebook page.

In addition to energy efficiency, the home also absorbs more than 100% of storm water on site by collecting additional storm water from the street and enables potable water conservation as well.

In this video produced by Geocomfort, makers of the geothermal heat pump installed in the home, the Hansons talk about the comfort and lifestyle changes that come with living in a high performance. Basically, they're driving their cars less than planned simply because they love the house so much they don't leave as often.

Green Building Insights

  • HERS Rating with renewables: -49
  • Air Tightness: .83ACH@50 Pascals
  • Minimize energy consumption
  • Passive solar principles with efficient window tuning
  • Geothermal technology
  • On-site energy production using roof-mounted PV panels
  • HVAC: Geothermal combo unit providing radiant floor and forced air heat and air conditioning, and 100 % of domestic hot water
  • Geothermal system: 14 100 ft. wells
  • Indoor Air Quality: Energy Recovery Ventilator, low and zero VOC sealants & paints, no carpets
  • Water conservation: Rain gardens, xeriscaping, rain barrels, low-flow fixtures
  • Lighting: 100% LED
  • Appliances: Energy Star certified

Construction by Kerry Hage – Hage Homes
Landscape Design and Installation by Matt Burton – Southview Design
Interior Design by Lisa Peck and Christina Rymer – Lilu Interiors
Structural Engineering by Christian Soltermann – Align Structural
Mechanical Design and Installation by Jason Massmann – Massmann Geothermal
Electrical work by Scott Hanson – Verdant Electric

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