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What should I consider before installing a Landscape?

What should I consider before installing a Landscape?

Grading and Drainage

A thoughtful design is crucial to the success of the project, and grading and drainage should certainly be considered. In fact, underground piping and the freeze-thaw cycle are primary factors when considering water management and slopes/grades.

Percentage of Hard Surface

Additionally, the hard surface square footage as a percentage relative to the overall square footage of your lot has become increasingly important as lots have become smaller and home footprints larger.

Permits and Variances

Hardcover, irrigation, pools, electrical work, and minor grading (in some cases) may require permits or variances from your county, city, DNR, and/or Watershed District. Be sure to allow plenty of lead time as some permits can take weeks at the height of the season.

Quality Materials

Finally, whether hiring a contractor or planning a do-it-yourself project, there is no replacement for quality materials and careful craftsmanship. Both ensure the value, longevity, and accuracy of your project.

what should I consider before installing a landscape?

Midwest Home July/August 2021

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