2024 Landscape Design Trends | Minnesota

10 Emerging Landscape Design Trends

2024 Landscape Design Trends

As the seasons change in Minnesota, so do the landscape design trends. With its diverse climate and breathtaking natural landscapes, Minnesota offers a canvas for innovative and sustainable outdoor designs. Whether you're looking to revamp your backyard or create a welcoming outdoor space, here are 10 emerging landscape design trends that are making waves in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

modern garden design with corten walls and

Vertical gardens add a touch of lush greenery and modern elegance, while maximizing space in both indoor and outdoor settings.

front entry design

Artistic hardscaping, ranging from detailed patterns to custom sculptures and mosaics, infuses landscapes with personality and captivating visual appeal.

vibrant garden with corten planters

Seeking a colorful and serene retreat, these homeowners created a welcoming meditation garden , perfect for relaxing on the front porch and enjoying the peaceful moments of everyday life.

Top 10 Landscaping Trends in 2024

1. Artistic Hardscaping

Incorporating artistic elements into hardscaping features such as patios, walkways, and retaining walls can elevate the aesthetic appeal of outdoor spaces. From intricate patterns in paving stones to custom-designed sculptures and mosaics, artistic hardscaping adds personality and visual interest to landscapes.

2. Seasonal Interest Gardens

Minnesota's ever-changing seasons provide an opportunity to create gardens that offer visual interest year-round. Designers are incorporating a diverse selection of plants with varying textures, colors, and bloom times to ensure that outdoor spaces remain vibrant and appealing in every season.

3. Zen and Meditation Gardens

With the increasing focus on mental health and wellness, Zen gardens and meditation spaces are gaining popularity in Minnesota. These serene retreats often feature elements like gravel or sand, rocks, bonsai trees, and minimalist plantings, providing a peaceful environment for relaxation and reflection.

4. Vertical Gardens

Limited space is no longer a constraint for greenery enthusiasts in Minnesota, thanks to the rising popularity of vertical gardens. These innovative designs utilize vertical surfaces like walls and fences to grow plants, herbs, and even vegetables, adding a touch of greenery to urban spaces and small yards.

5. Water Features

From serene ponds to cascading waterfalls, water features are making a splash in Minnesota's landscape designs. These elements not only add visual interest but also create a soothing ambiance, providing a refreshing escape from the summer heat.

backyard water feature

Water features not only contribute to the beauty of outdoor settings but also generate a tranquil atmosphere with their gentle, soothing sounds.

6. Foodscaping

The farm-to-table movement has inspired many Minnesotans to incorporate edible landscapes into their outdoor designs. From raised vegetable beds to fruit-bearing trees and shrubs, foodscaping combines aesthetics with functionality, providing fresh produce right in your backyard.

7. Sculptural Landscaping

Sculptural elements, such as abstract sculptures, artistic planters, and custom-built structures, are being integrated into landscape designs to add sculptural interest and create focal points. These artistic features serve as conversation starters and enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of outdoor spaces.

8. Outdoor Living Rooms

Minnesota's short summers call for maximizing time outside, and outdoor living rooms are a perfect solution. Complete with cozy seating, fire pits, and outdoor kitchens, these extensions of the home blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living, allowing residents to enjoy the beauty of nature without sacrificing comfort.

9. Drought Tolerant Landscaping

With Minnesota experiencing occasional droughts, drought-tolerant landscaping has become essential for water conservation. Xeriscaping techniques, such as using drought-resistant plants, mulching, and efficient irrigation systems, help minimize water usage while maintaining lush and vibrant outdoor spaces.

10. Edgy Urban Landscapes

In urban areas of Minnesota, landscape designers are embracing edgy and contemporary design elements to create visually striking outdoor environments. From sleek, minimalist gardens to industrial-inspired hardscaping, these urban landscapes reflect the modern aesthetic preferences of city dwellers.

colorful backyard garden with corten walls

Landscape designers are embracing contemporary and bold design elements, like this modern backyard garden, to create visually striking outdoor landscapes.

artistic landscape structure

Many homeowners are incorporating artistic elements, such as modern sculptures and custom-built structures, into their landscape plans.

outdoor living room with fireplace and gazebo

Outdoor living spaces have evolved with the ever-changing times and trends, adapting to meet the needs and desires of homeowners.

By embracing these landscape trends, homeowners and designers in Minnesota can create outdoor spaces that are not only visually stunning but also reflective of the state's rich natural beauty and cultural diversity. Whether you're seeking a serene retreat, an urban oasis, or a vibrant social hub, there are endless possibilities for creating landscapes that inspire and delight.

More Design Forward Landscapes

Urban Backyard Sanctuary

This St. Paul backyard landscape effortlessly intertwines modern, rustic, and traditional elements. Guided by the homeowner's vision, Southview Design transformed their mundane and overgrown backyard into a one-of-a-kind, beautiful oasis.

Resort Living on Lake Minnetonka

Nestled along the shores of Lake Minnetonka, this modern lakeshore landscape design seamlessly blends opulence and nature. Designed in partnership with builder John Kraemer & Sons and architects Murphy & Co, the home and outdoor space is an entertainer's paradise.

Minneapolis Modern Makeover

This Minneapolis, MN design includes a modern front yard zen garden, unique bluestone patio, and wood-burning fire pit.

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