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3 Qualities to Look for in a Landscape Company

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Hard to believe but it’s not always “about the price.” For some, it’s more about getting good value for the money. Part of that value is feeling confident in your choice.Take the time to look at a company’s values and you increase your chances of a successful relationship. Here are a few qualities to consider:


  • How quickly did someone from the company return your call? Were they willing to set an appointment to visit with you? Did he/she show up on time for the initial meeting?
  • Did the designer give you his/her cell phone number and/or email?
  • When you had the initial consultation, did that person listen to what you wanted in your yard – or was he/she too busy telling you what they thought would “look good”?
  • Did the designer ask about your budget?

smiling customer service woman seated in front of a computer

Communication is the key to great service.

I have taken phone calls from homeowners who said “I couldn’t get that other company to call me back?” or “That company gave me a design and it wasn’t what I was looking for.” Time spent talking about how you use your yard, what landscape elements are on your wish list and how best to achieve those goals is important. It’s about respect.


This isn't about whether or not the company has the certifications and background education/experience to prove they know what they are talking about. True, all that is important. However, if you are going to go with a brand new landscape, the designer should be willing to:

  • Talk about the quality of the soil, proper grades, the right plants for the right spots and warranty.
  • Show you construction details for any retaining walls, patios and any other landscape structures because it’s what is under the patio or fireplace and behind the walls that makes the difference.

Massive boulder wall under construction

Landscaping isn't gardening. It's construction. Choose a company with the equipment and expertise to get the job done right.

The company you choose should be willing to take the time to go over details. You’ve heard the expression “the devil is in the details”? Well, the details make the difference between a good landscape and a great one.

The Total Package

Last but not least it’s about professionalism….in other words…

  • Are their trucks clean and well-kept?
  • Do the employees wear uniforms or company logo-wear?
  • Is the equipment in good shape?
  • Does the company have an office you can visit?
  • How do they handle issues during construction?
  • From business cards to invoices, from the company website to phone/email etiquette, are they professional from top to bottom?
southview pickup fleet

Clean, well-kept trucks are an indication of a well-run operation.

Choosing a landscape contractor is easier than you think. Finding the qualities above in a company will bolster your confidence that the job will be done correctly and your experience top-notch.

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