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3D renderings make the design process easy and fun

In past years, landscape designs were hand-drawn to scale with pencils and pens. Today, CAD tools made the creative process easier for professionals and more fun for clients!

During the design-build process, our landscape designers and landscape architects will draft plans on paper, showing the placement of all the elements of the design. But for many of us, it can be hard to visualize what the finished design will look like in real life.

3D renderings and presentations make it easy to see what your landscape will look like during the day or in the evening. It's even possible to track the sun’s movement across the landscape, showing where and when the space will be sunny or shady. This technology is not only a time-saver for landscape designers but it's also a wonderful way to help our clients see their landscape dreams come to life.

Before: A 3D rendering is remarkably close to...

After: the finished project!

A technology that has re-shaped the industry

Design software interprets data, analyzes slopes and retaining wall heights, and renders the design from specific angles and views. Even more exciting, the software can put the landscape in motion, flying through the trees or walking down a path. Clients can see almost exactly how the space will look! Lights, shadows, textures, colors, how the swimming pool will be positioned in reference to the home, or how the outdoor kitchen will look at the edge of the patio.

Before: 3D rendering of circle fire patio

After: Installed circle fire patio

A Win-Win Approach to Design

3D technology makes design and planning easier for landscape designers and clients alike!

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