Benefits of Fall Landscaping

Timing is Everything

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Shorter days, fading flowers, and falling leaves. Late summer and fall is perfect for landscaping. Planning or building when the weather is cool helps you avoid delays and enjoy autumn. Plus late season construction is better for people and plants. 

Avoid Permit Delays

Shoreline landscapes, backyard resorts, pools, and many hardscapes can take several months to design, plan, and acquire construction permits. Most people don't realize how long the permitting process can take and how it can chew up precious weeks of summer. Fall and winter planning ensures you'll be ready to begin construction when spring comes, and not waiting around for a permit.

backyard landscape with a pool, outdoor kitchen, fire pit, and dining area.

It can take a few months to plan a large project and complete the permitting process. So it makes sense to get started in the fall.

Fall is faster

Scheduling design and construction is faster and easier in the fall. Many smaller projects can be planned and built in just a few weeks. You can be sitting by the fire or firing up the grill before you know it. Why wait for the spring rush?

flagstone patio with low seat wall and fire feature

A flagstone patio and fire feature like this one can be designed and built in just a few weeks.

Fall Construction is Perfect for Plants and People

Shrubs and plants appreciate cooler fall temperatures.

Shrubs and plants are happier without the heat.

Mild weather in September and October gives plants and trees a chance to grow without the stresses of summer. Worried about cold and frost? While below-freezing temps are daunting to us humans, for plants winter is generally a benign season.

A two-foot boulder can weigh more than 300 pounds.

Cooler weather is more comfortable for crews.

The same weather that's great for plants is good for people too – our crews can work more efficiently with less heat and humidity.

Plan and Build in the Fall

Avoid Permit Delays

Larger, more complex landscapes take time to design and acquire permits to build. Meet with a designer or landscape architect this fall! Be ready to build early in the spring. Don't waste your precious summer waiting for a permit.

Savor Autumn

Smaller, less complex projects (like a garden, patio or paver driveway) can be planned and built in just a few weeks, not months. So why wait for spring? You can be sitting by the fire or firing up the grill before you know it!

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Fall is the best time for landscaping!

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