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Benefits of Winter Tree & Shrub Pruning

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While it may not feel like it, now is a good time to check winter tree and shrub care off of your to-do list. Trees and shrubs lie dormant in the colder weather between autumn and spring, the perfect time for a little aesthetic shaping. Thanks to our friends at Ostvig Tree Care and the University of Minnesota for these winter pruning tips.

Slim Down In the New Year

We live in Minnesota. We know that in spring, winter, summer, and fall, a big storm is likely just around the corner. Loose and dangling limbs should be removed beforehand as a safety precaution. An empty canopy makes it easy to identify and remove risky branches.

Too Cold For Bugs

With insects and disease held at bay by the cold, winter is an ideal time to prune trees and shrubs. Pruning later in the winter, just before spring growth starts, leaves wounds exposed just a short time before the healing process kicks in. This means you can safely correct issues without (much) concern for insect and disease infection.

Prevent Dutch Elm & Oak Wilt

Winter is the best time to prune elms and oaks to avoid Dutch elm disease and oak wilt. By the 1st of April, these diseases will already be on the move, and the risk will increase.

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Upgrade more than aesthetics.

Great tree pruning will balance overall health with enhancing the tree's natural shape. Pruning can also be done as part of a privacy program to increase flower production or provide clearance for people, furniture, and structures.

And that's it! While the cold weather may make you want to go dormant like a tree, especially with outdoor chores, now is the perfect time to take care of the trees in your landscape. Not only are they beautiful and charismatic, but mature and healthy trees add value to your property. Don't delay. Call an arborist today.

Don't forget the shrubs.

Prune your deciduous shrubs (Barberry, Dogwood, Sumac, etc.) in the early winter months. To prevent damage to flowering buds, avoid pruning spring-flowering shrubs too late in the season.

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