A Landscaping Career Journey

One Student's Path to Career Goals

Finding the Perfect Career Fit

Why I chose the Green Industry

By Isaac Broberg

After years of wondering what career to pursue, it finally hit me and the course titled “Residential Landscape Design” presented itself as the answer. Living in Peru for two years piqued my interest in nature, art, and business. Residential landscape design seemed to blend all three of those passions in life.

Passion 1: Nature

Growing up in the enchanting landscapes of the Pacific Northwest, nature has always been an integral part of my life. The lush, green forests, cascading waterfalls, and snow-capped peaks have shaped my deep love for the outdoors. Despite my initial doubts, I find myself invigorated daily by the landscaping industry, where I can lead a fulfilling life following my passion for nature.

Passion 2: Business

While contemplating various career options, the combination of entrepreneurship and the desire to create something meaningful and visually inspiring aligned seamlessly with my inherent love for nature's beauty.

Passion 3: Art

Art has always been a passion of mine, but until now, it has remained confined to being just a hobby. I was always in the garage working on a new project, whether spray painting a cityscape, oil painting on canvas, or building a bike jump. I have always had the desire to create. The principles learned through art can be applied to any business venture, forming a necessary component for success in any role.

Living in Peru for two years inspired Isaac to find a career that embodies his passion for art and nature.

Stepping into the Future

Choosing a career is a daunting task and can feel intimidating, even overwhelming, with all its complexities and uncertainties. However, I now understand it’s a continual process, evolving over a lifetime. Embracing the advice to "follow your passion" takes on new meaning as I reflect on how my passions have harmoniously converged, shaping my life's direction as I confidently step into the future.

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