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Smart Salters

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Southview hosts Smart Salting Training

Early in November, more than 50 Southview Design employees and clients participated in the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Smart Salting for Parking Lots and Sidewalks training course.

Thanks in part to the Cities of Plymouth and Minnetonka, we were able to host the event at our main office. This training provided the attendees the tools needed to better service our properties while being better stewards of the environment. Upon completion of the course, a test was given to reward participants.

All 50+ participants passed with the distinction of being Certified Smart Salters.

Salt Facts

  • It is estimated a ton of salt can be responsible for over $800 of damage to concrete, metals, and plant materials on a property in a season.
  • It takes time for salt to work. Applying more will not speed up melting, only waste money.
  • At temperatures below 15 degrees, the salt alone will not work. Various products such as Calcium Chloride and Magnesium Chloride can still be effective.

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