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Problem: Water collecting near the house

This Apple Valley homeowner had a serious issue with the drainage around his home. On one side of the home, the property is steeply sloped. The catch basin under the downspout on the corner was clogged and not functioning to move the water from the roof away from the home. The sump pump never stopped working. Even with the lightest rainfall, the plant bed around the patio would turn into a small pond. The ground in the plant bed never fully dried out before winter set in. As a result, the ground frost-heaved under the corner porch post, causing cracks in the walls of the 3-season porch above.

Solution: Proper grading and drainage

Southview Design to the rescue!

  • Our crews regraded so more water flows away from the house and foundation bed.
  • We replaced plantings and landscape rock to help eliminate standing water.
  • A new catch basin and drain tile were installed.

Most of the rainwater now runs away from the patio and plant bed. The porch post did not heave this past winter. And the sump pump rarely ran this past winter and spring.

​The new catch basin and drain tile move water quickly from the corner of the home to a pop-up at the edge of the property.

The Result: 5-Stars from a very happy client

We moved into our new home 4 years ago. In the spring when the snow melted and after every little (or big) rainfall our sump pump ran almost continuously. We had so much water soaking in the ground of our backyard that the posts holding up our deck and porch actually shifted in the winter when the ground froze. We talked with several companies and had one company make changes to redirect water, but they actually made the problem worse.

Last year we contacted Southview Design to ask for their opinion on what we should do. We could tell on the first visit that they actually understood the problem and what would be needed. They did such a good job of explaining the root cause of our problem, we hired them on the spot! When work was initiated they completely removed the prior companies work, regraded the area, added drainage tiles and solid pipes to move the water quickly away from the house, and replaced the plants and shrubs in a design that we love.

Last winter was the first time in four years when our house wasn't cracking and making noises caused by the frost heaving the support posts. So far this spring, our sump pump has been silent. Their understanding of the problem was immediate, and totally correct. The solution they implemented has changed our attitude from concern that we had made the wrong decision to buy this home, to one of pride and enjoyment. We would highly recommend the friendly and professional team from Southview Design as they "saved the day" for us!!

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