Autumn Gardening

5 Fall Flowers to Brighten Your Landscape

Fall Flowers

Sweater weather is just around the corner and with it hints of red, orange, and yellow peeking through fading green canopies. Here’s a list of some of the best annuals and perennials to brighten your fall landscape.

Chrysanthemums (commonly referred to as 'mums') come in a variety of colors. They are considered the most popular fall flower.


Chrysanthemums- A fall favorite because they come in a variety of colors - orange, yellow, peach, red, pink, and white. Though they need regular watering, they thrive in cooler temperatures, and their colors are most vibrant during the autumn months.

Pansies- Pansies are an ideal flower during the autumn weather and can survive some frosty mornings. They are perky, fast growing, and a great option for fall containers.

Croton- This annual plant will provide a brilliant pop of color in your landscape. A riot of color – reds, oranges, yellows, mixed with a little green – makes it a perfect container garden plant.

Croton is an annual flowering plant, and a great option for fall containers.


Goldenrod- An aesthetically pleasing wildflower that is known to attract butterflies. Pick a spot in your yard with some room, as it does spread over time. Dividing it every two to three years will help to keep it in check.

Asters- Butterflies and bees love this one. Asters are especially irresistible to the monarch butterfly, who feed on the nectar during fall migration. Asters provides a perfect pop of color on a cool fall day. They are sun-loving and will work in your yard or container garden.

Asters are a sun-loving perennial with shallow blooms that attract various species of bees and butterflies.

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