How to prevent ice on walks and driveways

Ready to Go for a Walk?

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It's February. This week temperatures might reach the low-40s in the Twin Cities. Time to get out and go for a walk! 

For the next several weeks we can look forward to beautiful sunny afternoons, spring snowstorms, and the freeze-thaw cycle. We all want to be DONE with snow and ice. But hang it there. Now is the time to do yourself, your guests, and your neighbors a favor. Give your walkways a little extra attention to keep them safe for the rest of the season.

Shovel Early. Shovel Often. (Or use the snowblower!)

Snow is harder to clear if it's been trampled or packed down. It takes a little effort, but get out there and remove snow as soon as possible. Many people find it's easier to clear 2 inches of snow three times than it is to clear 6 inches of snow all at once. You do you. But it never hurts to shovel when it's still snowing.

Melt it. Then clear it.

Chemicals will melt snow and ice, but they won't remove it. For best results, here are some quick tips:

1. Clear the top layer of ice and snow away.

2. Don't use ice melt in extreme cold. Read the instructions to learn the optimal temperature for the product you are using.

3. Apply according to the instructions. Wait for the product to do its thing. If the sun is out and it's warm, you'll start to see results quickly!

4. Chemicals will melt snow and ice. But they won't remove it. When temperatures are at their peak (and the sun is out) use a scraper and a shovel to clear away the melted snow and ice.

5. Repeat as needed.

Feeling inspired? Keep going.

If you're out shoveling and feeling energetic go ahead and help out a neighbor or clear a path through the yard for the mail carrier!

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