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Landscaping Challenge: Swimming Pools on Slopes

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Water flows downhill, which is a bit of a challenge when you want a backyard swimming pool but live on a hill. Fortunately, with the right design and careful construction, it is possible to build a swimming pool anywhere!

Here are three award-winning examples of how to solve the problem of a swimming pool on a hill.

Excavate and Regrade

Use heavy equipment to carve away from your hill to create a wide open space to install your pool. It will be necessary to install a retaining wall to keep the remaining hill from backsliding into your new pool – but we can help with that too.

In this Multi-Level Backyard, the hill was carefully excavated to preserve an established oak tree. Now the swimming pool is surrounded by a natural oasis, enhanced by the dramatic boulder retaining wall.

Multi-Level Backyard Fun

Designers and crews had to carve out a portion of a hill to create a level space for a swimming pool and hot tub in this backyard.

Go Small

If extreme earthwork is beyond the scope of your project, installing a smaller pool can be a low-impact alternative.

In this No-Mow Forest Backyard, several patio areas were integrated into the hillside without totally regrading the yard. Nestled into one of these terraces is a plunge pool, a small shallow pool built for lounging, wading, and cooling off. Some homeowners prefer them because of their lower costs to build, smaller sizes, easier maintenance, and reduced water requirements.

No-Mow Forest Backyard

This backyard blends modern and natural elements together to create a low-maintenance outdoor living space with a plunge pool, terraced patios, a fire table, water feature, and a outdoor great room.

Install a retaining wall and back fill

With this project, there was an 8’ drop in elevation from the back door to the property line. To create a level area for the patio and pool deck, it was necessary to install a boulder retaining wall and back fill the space between the wall and the back door. This wall is 30-36” (which only partially took care of the slope in the backyard) so there are steps on the other side of the pool.

This full-sized swimming pool uses a salt-water filtration system – perfect for those with sensitive skin. The pool is the centerpiece of a backyard design intended to bring together friends and family.

Classic Backyard & Swimming Pool

With amenities like a dining patio, fire table, and swimming pool, this landscape is ready for summer pool parties and fall evenings around the fire – or enjoying the hot tub.

Designing and building poolscapes is serious business, requiring real project management and construction expertise. If you are interested in installing a swimming pool in your sloping backyard, contact us for a consultation.

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