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Make-A-Wish Backyard Transformation

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Southview Design Partners With MAKE-A-WISH® MINNESOTA

Make-A-Wish Minnesota has been making wishes come true for children facing critical illnesses for decades. The impact of a granted wish goes beyond the immediate joy—it brings hope, strength, and resilience to the child and their family. As a company dedicated to creating outdoor spaces that enhance lives, partnering with Make-A-Wish was a natural fit for us.

Before: The original backyard was not wheelchair accessible and lacked sufficient space for gatherings.

After: The new wheelchair-friendly patio is perfect for family gatherings.

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A Wish For Accessibility

Wish kid, Josh, loves spending hanging out in his backyard overlooking the pond, but it was cold and not accessible with his power chair. Southview Designs partnered with Make-A-Wish Minnesota and other local vendors to make Josh’s wish of an accessible outdoor firepit come true. The new wheelchair accessible backyard patio is a space that their family can enjoy together.

The gas firepit, provided by the Outdoor Greatroom Company , is the focal point of the new backyard space and the perfect place to gather with family.

A collaborative effort

The success of this project was only possible with the generosity of several businesses who donated materials and labor. This collaborative effort exemplifies the positive impact that can be achieved when people unite to give back to the community.

A huge thank you to everyone who helped make this project possible!

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