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Why Fall is the best time for Planting Trees and Shrubs

Autumn Advantage

Fall is the Ideal time for Planting Trees and Shrubs

The crisp air and changing leaves signal that autumn has arrived. While many view fall as a season of endings, it offers the perfect beginning for your new landscape. Take advantage of ideal planting conditions and avoid the stresses of spring planting. Discover why fall is the best time to plant trees and shrubs.

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Cooler Weather Encourages Root Growth

While air temperatures drop in fall, the soil still retains warmth from the summer sun. This combination of cool air and warm soil is perfect for developing robust root systems in newly planted trees and shrubs. Healthy roots mean your plants can thrive next spring.

Less Stress from Transpiration

Summer heat is notoriously hard on newly planted trees and shrubs. The primary reason is transpiration —the process by which plants lose water through their leaves. Transpiration accelerates during periods of extreme heat. In the fall, leaves lose less moisture, helping them conserve water and reduce stress.

Increased Rainfall

Along with cooler temperatures, fall brings increased rainfall in many regions. Abundant moisture prevents drying out and is ideal for freshly planted trees and shrubs. Frequent rain showers eliminate the need for frequent watering.

Additionally, trees planted in the fall often require less maintenance than those planted in the spring. The cooler weather helps plants acclimate naturally to their environment, reducing the need for constant maintenance. It is also worth noting that the plant's location significantly influences how well it will adapt to its environment. For tips on choosing the right location, visit our step-by-step tree planting guide. And remember, after planting your tree, it's crucial to provide consistent watering until the ground freezes.

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Water until the freeze, please

Trees and shrubs are stressed from the summer heat and drought. Keep watering until the ground freezes.

Three reasons to start now.

Enjoy the process.

The journey from a concept to a final plan and budget takes time. If you start now, you can enjoy the process without feeling rushed.

Avoid permit delays.

Many projects require permits to build. Don't waste your precious summer waiting for a permit. It's so frustrating!

Beat the spring rush.

With your plan complete and your permit in hand, you'll be ready to build ahead of the spring rush.

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Winter is perfect for planning!

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