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Select Salt-Tolerant Plants

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Choose salt-tolerant plants that die back each year for areas along sidewalks, driveways, and streets where deicing salts may be used. Here are some resources for salt-tolerant plants: Minnesota Plant Lists, The Best Plants for 30 Tough Sites

Remember, salt tolerance does not mean salt-resistance. It is important to be responsible and properly apply de-icing products.

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'Karl Foerster' feather reed grass is included in this list of salt-tolerant plants from The Minnesota Stormwater Manual.

Choose lawn seed mixes and sod containing salt-tolerant fine fescue grasses.

Salt-tolerant perennial flowers die back over winter making them good choices along driveways, walks, and streets. Replaced each year, annual flowers are also good options.

Do not plant evergreens along surfaces where de-icing salts are used and can kill needles.

Plant trees and shrubs at least 3 feet from driveways and walks where de-icing salts are applied.

Plant trees and shrubs a minimum of 7 feet from roadways where salt spray may occur from street maintenance.

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