How to make the most of a small yard

Small Yard, Big Impact

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Unlocking Your Yard's Full Potential

If your yard is on the smaller end, you may feel like you need to compromise on a few items on your wishlist. But the truth is that an expert designer can customize your yard to how you want to use it, no matter the size. All it takes is careful planning and smart design. In fact, our designers have a few tricks up their sleeves that can even help your yard feel bigger.

#1: Create an extension of your living space

By connecting your outdoor area to your indoor living space, you can create an environment that feels like a natural extension of your home. These double doors lead out to a patio with a fireplace, cooking amenities, and plenty of seating for all. The white pergola shields the outdoor elements but allows light to flow through and creates a sense of spaciousness.

#2: Add depth with levels

Dividing your outdoor area into different levels can maximize functionality without compromising on aesthetics. Consider terracing your yard with steps or raised platforms to create distinct zones for relaxation, dining, gardening, or even a cozy fire pit area. These multi-level spaces add visual interest but also make the most of every inch.

brick fireplace and retaining walls

French Quarter Courtyard is transformed into a usable space perfect for the homeowners

#3: Establish a focal point

A focal point acts as the centerpiece, drawing the eye and adding a sense of purpose to the area. Whether it's a cozy fireplace, an outdoor structure, or a soothing water feature, choose a focal point that is functional and resonates with your personal style.

custom swimming pool and deck

Big Impact Small Space includes a deck, outdoor kitchen, fireplace, and a wood-fired oven.

#4: Build a pool to fit the shape of the yard

Don’t let the shape of your yard dictate the possibilities. A custom swimming pool like this one has a more natural and organic feel and still allows space for the rest of the amenities. If you're looking for something even smaller, plunge pools are very popular right now.

backyard with table and small yard

An award-winning small yard features a space for dining, a verdant garden, and a water feature that all combine to create a calming effect.

#5: Aim for cozy, not cramped

Creating a cozy atmosphere in a small yard is all about striking the perfect balance between comfort and space. To accomplish this:

  1. Incorporate natural privacy screens, such as tall hedges, trellises adorned with climbing plants, or strategically placed trees.
  2. Opt for furniture pieces that are proportionate to the size of your yard.
  3. Carefully choose plantings along the border to maximize the perceived space. Opt for plants that won't overwhelm the area but still offer beauty and a sense of enclosure.

The Half Court Herringbone features a basketball court for the kids, living and dining patio.

#6: Create different zones

Divide your small yard into different functional zones. This can be achieved using clever landscaping or different flooring materials. Each zone can serve a specific purpose, such as a dining area, a lounging space, or a play area for kids.

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