The introduction of smart technology in landscapes transforms spaces from great to excellent. Landscapes come alive at any time of day, bringing everyone to find something that they enjoy.


EXPERIENCE. Outdoor rooms become the means for greater immersion experiences, from parties to watching a movie.

CONNECTIVITY. Take control of an outdoor experience with mood lighting, music, and entertainment, all from the convenience of a tablet


COST. The initial cost of smart technology like lighting, speakers, and entertainment does add up, but if planned for can be cheaper in the long run if done in phases.

Hot tub an swimming pool with outdoor lights and dramatic outdoor lighting on the trees.

Hot tub with outdoor lights

Speakers, Hot Tub, Outdoor TV, Outdoor Lights

What to look for

To get the full smart technology experience look for Bluetooth or Smart Casting connectivity prior to purchasing the TV, sound system, or lighting. Without the Bluetooth or app-based interface, an all-inclusive control of a smart landscape is impossible, but with it all smart features in a landscape can be controlled with a single tablet or phone.

SMART TV’S. Smart TVs are an excellent option for entertainment since many come with the smart casting feature built in. Also be sure to check that the TV is outdoor certified to avoid weather-based damage.

SOUND SYSTEMS. Sound systems come in a wide array of options, ranging from a single speaker to ten or more satellite speakers and two subwoofers. The size of the system depends on the area needing coverage. Normally an eight to ten-foot spacing between satellite speakers is recommended.

LIGHTING. Lighting ranges from simple white light fixtures to high-end products having 30,000 color options! Which lights to buy depend on which features in the landscape need to be accentuated or illuminated.

Luxury poolhouse with television, fireplace, and beadboard ceiling.

Lights, Fireplace, Outdoor TV, Drop Down Screens

Ski chalet inspired backyard landscape design with outdoor lighting.


Bringing smart technology into a landscape may be expensive, but it can be used for a lifetime. The lure of an interactive landscape brings added thrill to being outside and entertaining guests.

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