During their internships with Southview Design, students move through design/build, landscape care, enhancements, and business/marketing, getting a glimpse into what the green industry has to offer after college.

Aaron Outhenthapanya

Aaron’s degree from BYU is in Landscape Management, graduating in Fall 2021. When asked what his dream job looks like, he did not hesitate to say, “Golf Course Superintendent”. He rarely plays golf, but a golf course encompasses landscaping/design, construction, and maintenance, covering all aspects of his studies. Aaron’s degree and career path looked very different right out of high school when he thought he would follow in his father’s footsteps and head to medical school. After a few internships, pre-med was not a good fit. He wanted to be outside. Working with landscape contractors, he learned how to build a pond and install paver driveways and patios. After his first class in Landscape Management, he knew landscape design/build & maintenance was his future.

Collin Harrison

When Collin started looking at colleges, he was impressed with the culture at BYU. Throughout his high school years, he was intrigued by audio (sound systems) and engineering. However, BYU did not have a degree in engineering. Looking through the curriculum, he thought Landscape Management looked interesting and decided to give it a try. Collin will graduate in Fall 2021 with a degree in Landscape Management. He has had three internships in other parts of the country, working in landscape construction, irrigation, and maintenance. He realized he could bring his passion for audio systems into the landscape. He is an advocate for designing smart (technology) systems into clients’ landscape designs, such as home theaters, TVs, lighting, and speakers.

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