Spring Yard Prep in Minnesota

Early Spring Chores

Raised wooden planter bed with summer annuals

Spring is in the Air

Fall-planted bulbs are already pushing up through the mulch, golf courses are opening, and temperatures are rising steadily. Spring is an exciting time in Minnesota. The melting snow and bright rays of sunshine serve as a welcome sign that it's time to put away the mittens and winter boots and prepare for another beautiful Minnesota Summer.

With Spring on the horizon, Minnesotans are ready, even anxious, to tackle yard chores. But not so fast! It is still a little early to get down and dirty in the yard. As you may be aware, early Spring often comes along with extreme fluctuating weather patterns. Most backyard chores should be put on hold until the threat of snow has passed. However, here are a few things you can do now:

Clean/wash the grill and outdoor furniture

Now is the perfect time to wash all that 'winter muck' off the backyard furniture and appliances.

Backyard kitchen with grill, bar and natural stone patio

Cut back perennials

There is a little saying in the landscaping industry - "If it's brown, cut it down". Grasses and other perennials should be cut back, opening the crowns to the sun’s warmth and early spring rains.

Mulch beds with perennials and a boulder retaining wall

Put these Spring Chores on Hold

There are certain tasks that should wait until the threat of snow and cold has passed and temperatures are consistently warm . Annual flowers and container gardens should wait until the threat of frost has passed - usually mid-May. Here’s what not to do:

Do Not Rake

You will do more damage to the grass than good. Wait until the ground has thawed completely and is dry.

Leaves scattered in the grass

Do Not Mow

Leave the mower in the shed until May.

Crew members mowing and edging

Do not Water

Even if your irrigation has been turned on, watering the lawn should wait until late May, unless we have abnormally dry conditions and high temperatures.

Irrigation system watering freshly trimmed sod


Now is the perfect time to do a little backyard tidying. Raking, mowing and watering should wait until temperatures are more consistently in the 60's and 70's. There will be plenty of time to get the spring chores done. For now, enjoy the guilt-free time spent walking around the lake or riding your bike along the trails.

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