From outdoor ovens to life-size chess boards, every season brings new trends in landscape design. One unique design trend in the last couple of years has certainly captured our attention – the plunge pool or dip pool.

Hillside plunge pool fed by a waterfall.

What is a plunge pool?

A plunge pool is a compact swimming pool, typically designed for wading, relaxing, or cooling off. This is not only a cost-effective alternative to a standard-sized swimming pool but also a wonderful option for the homeowner with a small yard.

Modern plunge pool design.

A Growing Trend

Why are plunge pools becoming so popular?

This growing trend provides a therapeutic advantage. Plunge pools can be built directly next to hot tubs for the purpose of “cold-plunge” therapy – an ancient practice still commonly utilized among athletes today. Cold-plunge therapy, also known as hot-cold therapy, involves moving back and forth from hot to cold water, a practice that encourages blood flow and circulation, while helping to heal overworked muscles.

Side-by-side hot tub and plunge pool.

To recap, here are some advantages of the plunge pool:

  • A great solution for small spaces
  • Lower install/maintenance costs
  • Can be therapeutically utilized for better circulation and muscle healing

Disadvantages to consider:

  • Less space for swimming
  • Limited capacity. A standard plunge pool only fits 2-6 people.

Hillside plunge pool with waterfall and artificial turf.

To Plunge or not to plunge?

The plunge pool trend is growing. Whether you are on a budget, have a small yard, or are interested in the therapeutic advantages, this new trend could be the option for you. Will you take the plunge?

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