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5 Ways to Enhance Your Front Yard

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Front Yard Landscape Design

The front entry is the gateway to your home. It should welcome guests or be a comfortable place to pause before saying goodnight. Over the years, Southview has installed hundreds of front yard living spaces. From charming front porches to cobbled walkways and even front yard Zen gardens. Each space has been uniquely designed to reflect the homeowner's style, welcome guests, and enhance the homes curb appeal. Southview's goal is to create not only a space that the homeowner loves, but one that the community can admire as well.

Here are some tips to enhance your home's curb appeal:

This bluestone walkway provides guests with a clear path to the front door

Pave the Way for friends and family

When designing your front entry, it is important to remember that your guests will always take the path of least resistance. Depending on the home, the walkway should begin either at the curb or along the side of the driveway. In both scenarios, the path should clearly lead guests to the front door. Ensuring the walkway is strategically positioned will keep guests from trudging through the grass to get to the door. A well-placed walkway can also help draw the eye to the front door, which is the natural focal point of the house.

Multi-tiered retaining wall with bright and colorful softscape

Add a pop of color

Utilizing colorful softscape is the easiest and most cost-effective way to dress up your yard. Select flowering plants that bloom at different times throughout the season to ensure your yard stays bright and colorful throughout the warm months. Don't forget to consider the light! The direction your home faces will significantly affect the amount the sun in your front yard. Homes that face north get less sun and often require more shade-friendly plants.

Lighting adds ambiance and charm to this suburban landscape

Enhance your space with landscape lighting

Outdoor lighting is more than just a finishing touch to your Minnesota landscape. Low-voltage lighting should be part of every landscape. A well-designed lighting plan creates a dramatic enhancement of your home and landscape by highlighting colors and textures that might be lost during the day.

These homeowners opted for both a porch and front yard patio

Include a place to relax

Whether it be a front porch or a patio, consider a designated place to enjoy your front yard and neighborhood. Often, the backyard gets all the hype. However, the front yard can be a great place to connect with the neighbors or relax on a Minnesota summer evening.

Front yard Zen Garden with overflowing, colorful plantings

Think outside the box

Sometimes the most eye-catching front yards are the ones that take a creative and unique approach to landscape design. In this scenario, the homeowner requested a front yard zen garden with Corten steel planters and overflowing, colorful plantings. Last year, Southview installed a front yard swimming pool at a home in Hudson, WI. A little creativity can often elevate a landscape design from cookie cutter to custom.

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