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Voting Ends January 31, 2023

Every year, our local community lifestyle magazines ask their readers who is the best in your city. From pubs and restaurants to dentists and optometrists, and even – you guessed it – landscape designers, businesses are ranked and rewarded for the work they do all year long.

Will you do your part to make Southview Design #1 in 2023?

How to Vote

There are 5 simple rules to vote:

  1. Go online, and write in a nomination for your categories of choice. (Each category includes a write-in field.)
  2. One entry is allowed per person, per category.
  3. Voters should vote in at least 5 categories to ensure their ballot is counted.
  4. Each ballot must include an email address.
  5. Ballots must be completed by 5:00 p.m. on January 31, 2023.

This year's selections all require write-in votes.

Where to Vote

The two areas we are competing in for the title of "Best Landscape Designer" are Lake Minnetonka and Edina. Readers do not need to live in the area in which they are voting. You may also vote in both magazines, but only once.

Lake Minnetonka backyard plunge pool and hot tub, middle patio with fire, kitchen and dining patio

This idyllic, three time award-winning backyard near Lake Minnetonka is packed with resort-style amenities.

Lake Minnetonka magazine logo

Vote Here

Write in "Southview Design" for Best Landscape Designer for the communities near Lake Minnetonka.

Modern farmhouse in Edina with front patio and curb appeal

To reflect the modern farmhouse character of this Edina home, we added additional modern touches to the traditional garden landscape, including the cor-ten steel house number monument.

Edina magazine logo

Vote Here

Write in "Southview Design" for Best Landscape Designer in Edina.

"The quality and pride in workmanship is apparent throughout Southview Design. It is rare to find that in a company today."
~ Mike and Colleen S.

Thank you!

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