Trees and Shrubs Need Water

Water until the freeze, please

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Trees and Shrubs are Thirsty

Even after your irrigation system has been shut down for the winter, trees and shrubs still need water, especially if they are newly planted. And keep watering until the ground starts to freeze. This is will help prevent them from drying out in the harsh winter winds. Water away from the base of the trees - a couple of feet away from the trunk. Too close to the trunk can lead to pest problems. Water under the canopy of the tree...and it should be a slow trickle from the hose.

Also, although we sometimes put winterizer on our lawns, fall is not the time to fertilize trees and shrubs. Wait for spring to do that.

Autumn is also the time to lay down more mulch in your plant beds and at the base of the trees, if necessary. Yes, it's good practice to keep at least 3-4 inches of hardwood mulch on plant beds as a weed preventer BUT it also protects the root systems of plants and trees during the winter - just in case we don't get a cover of snow before the below zero temperatures hit.

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