For optimal performance, irrigation systems require proper maintenance and care. In addition to spring start-ups and fall winterizations – Southview Design commercial irrigation specialists will inspect and audit your system to identify opportunities to reduce costs and conserve water.

Spring Start-Up

Pressurize system, program controller, replace controller back-up battery if equipped, check rain sensor for proper operation, adjust heads, unplug/clean nozzles, perform minor repairs, complete system analysis.

Fall Winterization

Shut off and tag water supply, run through system via controller, evacuate water using compressed air, drain water supply and bleeders.


We'll do a full system check, adjust nozzles and heads, and adjust the clock for seasonal timing (as the days grow longer or shorter the timing of your system should be adjusted).

Full Irrigation Audits

A full review of your irrigation system. We'll make proactive recommendations for improving the efficiency of your system – ultimately resulting in savings of both water and money.

To schedule a commercial service, call for a quote, 651-203-3000.

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