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Fall Landscape Care and Maintenance

  • Keep watering your lawn and shrubs throughout the fall months or until the first hard freeze. The plant material needs moisture to help them survive the dry fall season.
  • Use high nitrogen fertilizer in late fall when the weather is cool. This will help ensure a lush green lawn in the spring.
  • Rake and mow any leaves that fall on the ground. Large amounts of leaves left on your lawn and gardens will create mildew in the spring (and a soggy mess).
  • Cover tea and hybrid roses with mulch or straw to protect them from winter freeze and winds.
  • Mow lawn to 2 inches to prevent snow mold.

Winter Landscape Care and Maintenance

  • Oaks, Honeylocusts, Crabapples, Pears, Mountain Ash, and Hawthorn are best pruned now.
  • Keep evergreens and shrubs free of heavy snow.

Spring Landscape Care and Maintenance

  • De-weed mulch beds and perennial gardens.
  • Cut back perennials to new growth or mulch line.
  • Apply preen to all mulch beds once de-weeding is complete.
  • Top-dress beds with new mulch to give a fresh appearance.
  • Fertilize trees.

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