Minneapolis Side Yard with Horseshoe Pitch

Not into golf or tennis, this urban Minneapolis homeowner was searching for a sport to occupy his spare time. That’s when he found the game of horseshoes. With just a side yard of available space, plans were drawn to build a regulation “pitch”. What the homeowner didn’t anticipate was the enthusiastic response from the neighbors.

Minneapolis Landscaping Sideyard Horseshoes and Patio

Whether Player or Spectator, There's Plenty of Room for Everyone

The nostalgic ring of the horseshoes works like a magnet to draw people to his back yard. “People really like the sound of the shoes. It brings them back in time.” One eighty-year-old neighbor said it immediately brought her back to her girlhood days when her father, family, friends, and neighbors would gather in the evenings after dinner for a little friendly competition. The homeowner insisted the pitch be regulation-sized to make it challenging.

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Concrete Block Seat Wall and Horseshoe Pitch in Minneapolis Mn Side Yard

Back Retaining Wall has a Seat Bench for Players or Spectators

Seating for Friends and Neighbors

There’s plenty of space for spectators to cheer on their teams with two patios, seating on the retaining wall, and a bench seat located in the back retaining wall. Today, neighbors and friends just show up – and this south Minneapolis homeowner practices for local and regional competitions. Perhaps, one day, he will be headed to a national competition. For right now, it’s a new backyard pastime…a new passion.

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