Room for a pool – but just barely!

Transplants from the Washington D.C. area, this family settled in Excelsior. As they started looking for a new house, Mrs. Homeowner had only one request, “When you look at houses, make sure it has either a pool or room to build one.”

The Homeowners Wanted:

  • A swimming pool
  • A patio, deck, fireplace, and outdoor oven next to the pool
  • Privacy screening - especially from new home being built next door
  • New deck
  • Outdoor Kitchen on the deck includes a raised bar, grill, countertop cooler, and storage
  • Outdoor lighting
Unique backyard swimming pool design in Minneapolis Twin Cities Area

As it happens, Mr. Homeowner chose a home with unique site conditions and hardcover issues. There were also challenges with side yard setbacks and other problems surrounding the new deck and outdoor kitchen. But by the time the design and installation was complete, they had everything on their wish list.

Design Details:

  • Irregular-shaped pool was necessary because of the small space.
  • The deck is the main gathering area. The deck was designed to match the shape of the pool. (Kids and adults take flying leaps from the deck into the pool.)
  • The design focus was on the kids. But there is a seating area at one end of the pool for Mom & Dad.
  • The kitchen, fireplace, outdoor oven, and seat wall all are designed with the same stone that was installed on the home.
  • Large, evergreen plant material (14’ Arborvitae) provides instant cover and privacy.
  • The final position of the fireplace was also determined by the City’s setback rules.
  • The outdoor wood-fired oven was a big success! Homeowners are now experts at cooking pizzas, breads and other items. This makes them very popular in the neighborhood.

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Outdoor kitchen with build in grill and two level bar counter

Outdoor Kitchen

Curved pool fits around a deck and fire patio

Custom Pool Tailored to the Lot

small backyard pool and small side yard to match

Grassy Side Yard

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