Dog Damage Repaired

While they are honored members the family, this family’s two basset hounds had destroyed this small backyard. This chronically brown lawn did not create an atmosphere of relaxation and respite. It would have to be replaced with something more inviting, a living and dining patio interspersed with low maintenance gardens.

Change doesn’t always have to be hard. It took just three weeks for this backyard to go from unusable dog run to a functional outdoor living space. There is still a small area of grass for the dogs, but now every inch in this tiny yard is put to good use.

Small minneapolis backyard with brown spots torn up and destroyed by dog paws and urine.

Before: Small backyard with patchy turf

In progress patio installation photo.

Backyard patio in progress

You can see how the modular block patio uses a mix of block shapes and patterns to create distinct spaces with movement between them. The area around the patio will be planted with easy to care for gardens and a small patch of grass.

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Backyard dining patio sheltered under an umbrella and a sitting patio underneath a pergola.

calming, neat, comfortable, private backyard

In the final design, this small Minneapolis backyard has been transformed from a parched grassland to an outdoor oasis in the city. The curving asymmetrical design creates separate living and dining areas complemented by small gardens. A stacked stone fountain acts as a sculptural focal point and creates a tranquil atmosphere with its gentle bubbling sound.

Multi-pattern backyard minneapolis patio.

Easily accessible from the kitchen, the outdoor dining room is the perfect place to gather and enjoy outdoor life in the city.

Stacked stone ornamental water fountain with dining patio and dog grass in the background.

With just a small swath of grass, this lawn takes just seconds to mow. This entire design represents a win for low-maintenance landscaping. Plants like weigela, geraniums, boxwood, and arborvitae love Minnesota and don’t need much more than regular water.

Simple, peaceful, and easy to take care of, now this family can enjoy their backyard spring, summer, and fall.

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