This backyard landscape design in Eden Prairie MN has the one thing Southview can't build – an amazing vista! Of course, this elevated view from up above the Minnesota River had to be the focal point of this landscape design. We created multiple spaces that highlight the view, while managing the slope.

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Multi-level paver patio in eden prairie, mn

Multiple Patio Design

Outdoor living arranged by function

The upper patio is the “living room” in front of the fireplace. The lower patio is used for sunbathing or dining. Foot lights built into the patio steps illuminate the space without creating visual clutter.

no-maintenance elevated outdoor dining room deck in eden prairie mn

The upper deck is set up as an outdoor dining room with seating for eight. The decking and posts are both made of maintenance-free material. That means no repainting or restaining. Downward-facing sconces on the columns provide soft lighting without shining into people's eyes or obstructing the view.

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Our Design-Build Process

unique fire place and outdoor living room in eden prairie landscape design

Unique fire features

two fire patios for twice the fun

The builder included this unusual "see-through" fire place that connects the indoors and outdoors. We took that inspiration even further and created an extension of the living room on the patio. This fireplace puts out a lot of heat, so sitting on the patio on a cool fall night is still very comfortable.

composite paver patio inlay

Inlaid Unilock Umbriano pavers with a Unilock Brussels border creates an intimate space in front of the fire. The design adds visual interest and defines the space without the drawbacks of outdoor rugs or carpeting. These composite pavers closely resemble natural stone but are non-slip and stain resistant.

sloping backyard landscape design with wood-burning fire pit in the distance.

From the main patio, you can see the second fire circle. Smoke from a wood-burning fire can be a nuisance, so we sited it away from the home and patio.

wood-burning fire pit overlooking the minnesota river in eden prairie, mn

The view from the wood-burning fire pit is amazing! The 3-paver pattern patio with a circular border has plenty of room for chairs and more seating on the stacked Chilton wall. Including multiple fire places in a single backyard is an emerging trend that allows homeowners to have the ease and convenience of a natural gas fire pit and the ambiance of natural wood.

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