Sophisticated Simplicity

Built to highlight the quality and craftsmanship of this model home in Edina, this landscape design draws inspiration from the Minnesotan landscape and counteracts the busyness of modern life. Featuring plantings and backyard patios, this landscape design offers curb appeal and outdoor living.

Landscaped garden with curving edges and native grasses in Edina, MN

Native grasses, perennials, shrubs, and trees add curb appeal to this newly constructed home in Edina

Relaxed, Organic Shapes

A beautiful Edina home with landscaping to match. A semi-circular driveway carves out a garden of native grasses, perennials, and trees. As the trees grow, their branches will shade the driveway and calm the transition between the public space of the street and private areas of the home.

Sometimes, the best design is the one you barely notice. The curving edges of this garden trace the sloping contours of the ground. As the native plantings fill in, this organic shape will blend into the landscape like it was always there.

Foundational plantings of shrubs, evergreens, and ornamental trees

Foundation plantings laid out in curving, asymmetrical beds gently contrast this home’s strong horizontal mass and peaking gables. Choosing the right plantings is essential for softening the hard edges of new construction.

Circular backyard paver patios with a fire circle and meditating frog

Lightly hued stones and pavers complement the exterior of the home, creating a seamless connection between the indoor and outdoor spaces

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A Landscape Built for Contemplation

There is more than meets the eye to this simple tiered patio. From overhead the elegant organization of the landscape is clear. Three intersecting circles create a backyard living space with a sense of comfort and harmony. The curved edges create separate areas for different uses, without creating artificial boundaries. Lay back on the lounge chairs to take in the lakeside view. Visit under the shade of the cantilevered umbrella. Or, tell stories around the fire.

Versaille patterned backyard patios face the lake

If you didn’t get the message from the meditating frog or the ornamental snail – this backyard is designed to be a peaceful place for rest, conversation, and contemplation

Subtle Variations in Pattern and Texture

Versailles patterned patios are composed of four different sized pavers. This distinctive French pattern creates visual rhythm yet can seem nearly random. A subtle change in scale and material from the upper patio to the lower one is just one more example of the high level of detail in this deceptively simple backyard landscape in Edina.

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