formal front yard with an irrigation system installed

Irrigation systems save water, time

By not cutting corners and by selecting the highest quality components – we plan, install, and maintain long-lasting irrigation systems. Many of our irrigation systems have been operating trouble-free for over 20 years.

Few Minneapolis-St. Paul homeowners ever regret installing an irrigation system or wish they had their old garden hose and sprinkler back. An irrigation system protects your investment in sod and plant materials and keeps your yard healthy. It also takes the guesswork and hassle out of watering.

Irrigation Warranty: All materials are guaranteed 2 years from installation, and workmanship is guaranteed 12 months from installation, contingent upon proper system winterization, start up and maintenance.

Irrigation system maintenance: Every irrigation system requires proper maintenance to prevent damage to the pipes, heads and nozzles. An annual irrigation system maintenance package from Southview Design includes: spring startup and autumn winterization.

Helpful Lawn Irrigation Tips

More plants are killed by water problems than by insects, diseases, or any other single problem. Unfortunately, there is no one answer for how much to water. But there are some things to take into consideration for optimal irrigation operation.

First, irrigate efficiently. It’s important the water is evenly distributed over the landscape. Otherwise, lawns will be dark green in some places and brown in others. The basic directive for established landscape plants is they will need an inch of water every 2-3 weeks and an inch per week for lawns. (Note: This is for established landscapes and lawns. Newly-installed landscapes and lawns will require more water for the first 2-3 weeks.)

Second, consistent management and maintenance is important. This means periodic check for efficiency. A properly-designed irrigation system should take into consideration the amount and timing of water needed. We see some systems running at the same level throughout the entire season. Not only is this a costly waste of money but can result in over-watering which will eventually damage plants, trees, and lawns.

To Promote Irrigation Efficiency

  • Change the schedule based on the weather
  • Install a rain sensor
  • Water based on the soil and plant types.
  • Lawn irrigation systems should not overspray to include plant beds. This results in too much water for the plants. Drip irrigation systems should be considered. Why?
  • Required moisture level at the root zone of plants is maintained
  • Evaporation is minimal so water consumption is lower. Use organic mulch around plants.
  • Foliage is dry so disease risk is reduced
  • Output of each nozzle can be controlled

Irrigation System Maintenance Packages

Southview offers a choice of three irrigation service programs. Renewal is automatic, so you never have to remember to schedule your service. We notify you of your scheduled appointment, and call 1-2 days ahead to confirm your date and time of service.

Start-up Pressurize system, program controller, replace controller back-up battery (if equipped), check rain sensor for proper operation, adjust heads, unplug/clean nozzles, perform minor repairs, complete system analysis.

Fall Winterization Shut off and tag water supply, run through system via controller, evacuate water using compressed air, drain water supply and bleeders.

Preferred Customer Plan Signing up for both start-up and fall winterization, will save you money.

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