Landscape Care Representative

Joe Graslewicz

  • Joe Graslewicz
  • Landscape Care Representative

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Enjoys bringing visions to life

  • Born and raised in Minnesota. I lived in Northern Arizona for about 6 years before returning home to Minnesota.
  • I've been in the green industry for over 10 years!
  • Passionate about transforming ideas into tangible spaces. I thrive on collaborative design projects, finding fulfillment in the before-and-after process.
  • I learned most of my hobbies alongside my grandpa at a young age. I enjoy fishing, golfing, cheering on my favorite sports teams, carpentry, nights around the bonfire pit, and a good game of cards.
  • A good day for me means that I made a positive impact on the world around me — a conversation with a friend, an interaction with a stranger, or a meaningful day of work. I want to know that I’m making a difference, connecting in ways that matter, and bringing life to the people and places I’m in contact with.

Improving Life Outdoors

Core Values

Building on our tradition of excellence, we strive to be the most respected landscape firm in the Upper Midwest.