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Rikka Wangsnes

  • Rikka Wangsnes
  • Design Associate

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Thrives Outdoors

  • Born in Fosston, Minnesota and spent 18 years in Pembina, North Dakota. Returned to Minnesota in 2019.
  • Has a degree in Environmental Design from the University of Minnesota.
  • My earliest memories are connected to landscapes. The smells, textures, and all the feelings of a place drive my creativity. I love having the opportunity to work with living material everyday!
  • I am recently married to my wonderful husband Ryan! Together, we have a Shorkie (Shih Tzu and Yorkie) puppy named Atlas. He was born on Cinco de mayo!
  • Hobbies include walking, exploration, golfing, board games, and collecting VHS tapes.

Improving Life Outdoors

Core Values

Building on our tradition of excellence, we strive to be the most respected landscape firm in the Upper Midwest.