8 New Year’s Resolutions

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The days are slowly growing longer as we say goodbye to one year and welcome the next. In the spirit of the season, we’re sharing our landscaping resolutions for 2021.

Bright green lawn in the shade. Boulder retaining wall and ornamental trees.

Have a Lush Lawn

Follow the University of Minnesota Extension’s lawn care calendar for a healthy carpet of grass.

Close up of wood chips.

Re-mulch in the spring

Applying mulch in the spring helps control weeds. When the weather turns warm, a blanket of mulch will help keep moisture in.

Placid blue swimming pool with diving board and sunning chairs.

Install a Pool

Spend summers floating in your backyard. We’re serious about swimming pool design

Water saving hardscape design. Crushed gravel and bonsai trees.

Save time on maintenance

Landscape upkeep and maintenance can turn into a time consuming chore. Install a low maintenance landscape and say good-bye to mowing the lawn. Low-maintenance design ideas

Paver driveway, limestone retaining wall, plantings, and a classic car.

Give your front yard a face lift

First impressions are everything. If you are planning on selling your home, a little curb appeal won’t hurt. Not planning to move anytime soon? A put together front entry is a necessity for welcoming guests. First impressions and focal points

Outdoor kitchen and dining patio in a resort style backyard.

Eat Better

Enjoy big tastes off the grill and dining al fresco with an outdoor kitchen and dining patio. Learn about outdoor kitchens

Landscape architects conference room at Southview Design.

Plan ahead!

After a long winter, at the first sign of patio season our phones start to ring. Be prepared to seize the day and start your project ahead of the crowd, schedule a consultation with a landscape designer today.

Four cushioned chairs around a stone fire circle at dusk with a hammock in the background.

Spend more time with family and friends

Whether we’re playing backyard games or swapping stories around the fire, there is no substitute for spending quality time with the people we love. We are all looking forward to gathering together with friends when it is safe to do so!

Improve Your Life Outdoors

Meet with A Landscape Designer or Architect

Your perfect outdoor living space begins with a simple conversation. Let’s talk about your outdoor living space!

Schedule a Meeting

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