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What's the difference?

Listen, we get it. Landscaping is an investment, and you want to be confident you’re in the right hands. Selecting the right professional to design and implement your dream space is a huge deal!

As homeowner’s begin the vetting process, they may notice that there are two primary classifications of landscape design professionals, ‘Landscape Architects’ and ‘Landscape Designers”. This observation often pegs the questions, “What’s the difference?” and “Which is the right fit for my project?”.

What is a Landscape Architect?

Landscape architecture is a regulated profession. It requires a license that takes years of study and a degree from an accredited program. Before stepping out on their own, an aspiring landscape architect must work under an experienced landscape architect and pass a series of technical exams. Landscape architecture is a multi-disciplinary profession that combines creativity and engineering with a passion for the natural world and designing beautiful spaces for people to enjoy.

What is a Landscape Designer?

Similarly, Landscape Designers have a vast level of knowledge and training pertaining to design, horticulture and the architectural components involved in preparing and installing a landscape design. They have the creative expertise and have been extensively trained to execute all components of landscape design and installation. Many of Southview's Designer's spent years training in the field before transitioning into landscape design.

One isn't more experienced than the other.

All of Southview's design professionals have been extensively trained and offer years of professional experience to their clients.

To be considered a certified Landscape Architect, one must undergo years of study and pass a series of technical exams. The technical exams required to be a Landscape Architect are not required to be a Landscape Designer. However, many Landscape Designers have obtained collegiate degrees in Landscape Design or similar areas of study and have years of industry experience.

In the world of residential landscape design, the same level of service will be provided by either a Designer or Architect. In both cases, the landscape professional will sit down with the client to discuss ideas, provide suggestions and present a proposed rendering. They will both work alongside the construction crews to ensure the project is installed to the plan's specifications.

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