Fall Yard Cleanup Checklist | Minnesota

Get Your Yard Ready for Fall: A Complete Cleanup Guide

Fall Yard Cleanup Checklist

The leaves are changing color, and the air is getting crisper. Fall has officially arrived in Minnesota. It's time to get outdoors, enjoy the crisp fall air, and get your yard ready for winter with a thorough fall cleanup. This complete fall yard cleanup guide will help you prep your outdoor space in half the time so you can enjoy a picture-perfect lawn and improve your home's curb appeal. Your yard and garden will thank you for it come spring!

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From seeding and pruning to planting and beyond, October is the perfect time to prepare your yard for winter hibernation.

Fall To Do's

Lawn Care

  • Mid-late September is a great time to over-seed your lawn. Over-seeding an established lawn once or twice will yield little germination. However, continual fall over-seeding practices yield a healthier turf even with minimal germination.
  • Core aerification of turf is one of the best ways to reduce thatch and compaction and increase the health of the turf.
  • Cut your turf short on your last mowing of the season to help reduce the chance of snow mold.

Garden Maintenance

  • Early fall is the best time to divide perennials that bloom in the spring and summer.
  • Fall is the time to plant tulip bulbs and trees. Get them in the ground in October and watch them grow in the spring. Keep watering until the freeze!
  • Prune perennials to remove faded flowers. This is called deadheading. If your perennials have become too tall and leggy, or flop open in the middle, try shearing them back to 6-12 inches above the ground.
  • Remove plant debris. This will help decrease the overwintering of pests and diseases.
  • To have something in your garden to look at in the winter, you can leave ornamental grasses, astilbe, sedum, allium, echinacea, bee balm, goldenrod, black-eyed susan, hydrangea, and red twig dogwood.

Pool Maintenance

  • Cooler fall weather means less chemicals. In summer heat, pool water evaporates more quickly – so you need more chemicals. So, not only does cooler fall weather mean less swimming, it also means you can use less chemicals.
  • Be sure to skim leaves and debris regularly. Sometimes, leaves left for too long can stain the pool bottom.
  • Once it is too cold to swim, be sure to winterize your pool – this is best done by a professional to protect your investment.

Dont Forget to Enjoy Autumn Festivities

  • Gather around the fire. Fall wouldn't be complete without the cherished tradition of s'mores. Roast marshmallows. Smoosh between two graham crackers with chocolate.
  • Trade the chocolate for a peanut butter cup if you're feeling wild!

wood burning firepit overlooking a lake

Don't forget to enjoy the season! There's no better way to enjoy a Fall evening in Minnesota than around a warm fire with friends and family.

As the season transitions, make the most of your outdoor space and ensure it's well-prepared for the winter that's on the horizon. Following this fall cleanup checklist will help you enjoy the beauty of autumn in Minnesota and ensure a smooth transition into the colder months.

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