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What Makes a Landscape Modern?

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What is a Modern Landscape?

Do you think you might be interested in a modern landscape design for your yard? What exactly is a modern landscape? It can be defined by geometry and straight lines in hardscapes, both vertical and horizontal. There are fewer colors, with a more neutral palette. It is uncluttered with a minimalist approach, lacking in yard ornaments. There’s no plastic. Planters are Corten steel, as is bed edging. Steel edging disappears between the mulch and lawn – a clean look. The landscape is low-maintenance with little, if any, lawn. Mass plantings are preferred, but sometimes there are no plantings at all.

Modern home with corten steel planters and overflowing potato vine - Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Corten steel planters are bold, stylish and a popular choice among modern enthusiasts.

Characteristics of a Modern Landscape Design

    • Clean Lines (Vertical & Horizontal)
    • Neutral Palette
    • Bold Materials (Corten Steel Planters & Edging)
    • Geometry in the Landscape
    • Minimalist in Design
    • Low Maintenance
    • Connection between home & landscape
    • Uncluttered
Modern home with minimalist landscape design.

Notice the connection between the home and the landscape? This minimalist front yard landscape is clean and neutral.

Emphasis on Smart, Sustainable, and Climate Friendly Gadgets

The outside is connected to the inside with an easy flow between the spaces. Views out the windows are important. Geometry in the landscape is framed by the window. Considering climate change and in keeping with low maintenance, water stays on the property. Smart irrigation systems and rain gardens achieve that end.

Modern with a zen twist. Clean lines give this serene backyard a modern feel.

Neutral palette, clean lines and Corten accents - this minimalist design has all the modern vibes.

Geometry in the landscape. These bluestone planks were individually measured, scored, and cut to create a complex, irregular pattern.

A good mix of modern and traditional characteristics. Can you pick out the modern elements?

More Modern Landscapes

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