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Transform Under-Deck Space into an Outdoor Living Oasis

Tired of staring at the underside of your deck, wondering what to do with the wasted space? Gone are the days of using the area solely for storing tools and toys. With enough headroom, you can extend your home's living space and entertain in style. Add ceiling fans, chandeliers, and recessed lighting for an inviting atmosphere. Lay down rugs, arrange furniture, and mount a TV and audio system. Install a compact kitchen or wet bar. Drop in a hot tub, fireplace, or firepit. With the right touches, your under-deck oasis awaits. Bring the indoors outside and create your backyard paradise with these under-deck living ideas!

Under deck patio with outdoor kitchen and seating area

For entertainers, use the space under the deck to build out a kitchen or bar area.

Versatility in Design

Infinite Possibilities, from simple to elaborate

Under-deck patios offer a wide range of design possibilities. From simple, minimalist setups to more extravagant outdoor living spaces with seating, dining areas, and even outdoor kitchens, the versatility of under-deck patios allows homeowners to customize the space to suit their preferences and lifestyle.

Optimize your outdoor experience by utilizing the under-deck space for grilling and entertainment.

Weatherproof Outdoor Living

Under-Deck Ceiling Systems provide protection from rain and harsh sunlight

Traditional decks are often subject to the whims of weather, making them less usable during rain or intense sunlight. Under-deck patios, however, provide a sheltered space that allows you to enjoy the outdoors regardless of the weather conditions. This weatherproof feature extends the usability of your outdoor space, providing a comfortable environment for relaxation and socializing year-round.

Your Under-Deck Outdoor Living Space Awaits

Maximize every inch of your outdoor living space by getting creative under the deck. With smart design choices and decor, you can extend your home's livable footprint. Let Southview Design help conceive and build the deck oasis you've been dreaming of. Your backyard has untapped potential waiting to be uncovered.

Three reasons to start now.

Maximize planting season

Plan now so when temperatures consistently hit 50°F, we are ready to plant. Spring planting lets your plants establish, beating the summer heat.

Best time for outdoor work

Now is the optimal time for grading and foundation work, setting the stage for the remainder of your project.

Enjoy summer to the fullest

Don’t miss a single day of summer—start your project early so you can cherish every moment.

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