An accessible backyard with curb appeal

The homeowners' primary focus was to make their home wheelchair accessible for their son. The project was completed over two years. The front yard was completed first, then the backyard.

Before: Blank slate of new construction

After: Unique front yard with curb appeal

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Creating a Front Yard From A Blank Slate

Two-tone concrete driveway and walkway, combined with shades of green and two new birch trees dress up this suburban front yard and fit the scale of the home.

Before: Pine forest and lake views

After: Outdoor room for enjoying nature in comfort

Northwoods Backyard Living Room

This backyard setting was already perfect – with iconic northwoods pines and a tranquil lakeside view. All it needed was a space to relax and enjoy the sunset.

ADA accessible ramp leading to covered backyard pergola

An ADA-compliant wheelchair-accessible sidewalk and ramp lead to a covered pergola. The color and texture of the new sidewalk matches the front entry and driveway for continuity.

Lakeville, MN backyard landscape and covered pergola

A sheltered space to enjoy the fire

Every detail was considered and finished in this timber frame structure – from the wood-paneled ceiling to the pair of ceiling fans. At the center of the space, there's a custom fire table built with specially-tapered sides to allow a wheelchair to move in close to the warmth of the fire.

Initially, this pergola kit did not include a roof, but the designer contracted with a roofer to add a customized roof that matched the home.

Landscaping patio detail accent boulders

Normally, a concrete patio would be squared off at the corners. Here, Superior Trap boulders at the back corners of the pergola are set into the concrete, making them a permanent addition and giving the pergola/fire pit patio a touch of northwoods.

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