Family of Sports

This family loves hockey and basketball. Between the tall shade trees and the barn-style garage they also love their beautiful back yard. So, when it was time for a new driveway they needed a design that would let them play the games that they love, without having a negative visual impact.

When deciding between materials for the driveway, the homeowners had several options but selected brick pavers for their stylish look and low-upkeep. Concrete, gravel, and asphalt are three common options that, while cost-effective, didn’t have the charm or warmth required for the project.

Before: Uneven and unsafe to play on, this gravel driveway was vulnerable to erosion after heavy storms

After: Safe, level, and beautiful basketball court that doubles as a driveway

Perfectionism Pays Off

Because the lines are a part of the paver pattern, not painted on, they will never wear off or need to be repainted. Paver driveways also rarely crack, and if they do it’s possible to restore driveway by replacing just the affected pavers. More attractive than mismatched patches, and less expensive than a whole new driveway.

Another Inspiring Project

Unique Design, Challenging Installation

Instead of white or yellow lines painted on top of black asphalt, this unique design integrates the lines into the surface of the driveway. This unique two-toned paver basketball court was created by first laying out the entire surface of the driveway in traditional red brick.

Excavated driveway creating a level base

The old driveway was excavated and leveled with Class 5 paver base.

In progress custom basketball court paver driveway installation Minneapolis, mn

Custom Basketball Court paver driveway installation.

Because of the large scale of the installation, it took plenty of patience and a steady hand to make the basing consistent and level. Tracing out the perfect arcs of the 3-point line was the next challenge. Once all the lines were drawn, the crew removed the affected pavers and carefully cut each brick to size.

The finished product

Finished product a one-of-a-kind paver basketball court and driveway

After – One-of-a-kind paver basketball court and driveway.

Beautifully inset basketball court lines in the brick driveway

Beautifully inset basketball court lines in the brick driveway

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